Questions? We have answers!

Can I have the treatment on the NHS?

Depending on where you live your Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) may provide one free cycle or more of IVF. The eligibility criteria varies from area to area so you will need to check with your local CCG. Find your local CCG.

I desperately want children but I am single, can you help?

We do treat single women as well as couples. Some women will be advised to have donor insemination and others to proceed to IVF treatment. You will need a referral letter from your GP or consultant and an appointment with us to discuss the way forward.

How much time off work will I need for treatment?

During your treatment you will be required to visit the Cotswold Fertility Unit for a number of scans and blood tests. These appointments are usually in the mornings and take approximately half an hour to an hour. On the day of your egg collection and the day afterwards you should not go to work as the drugs used for sedation need time to be eliminated from your body. You will also need to take time off work on the day of the embryo transfer and the exact day for this procedure will depend on the number and quality of embryos developing. There is no evidence to suggest that taking time off work after embryo transfer improves your chances of pregnancy.

I do not live locally – can I still be referred to you?

Yes. We welcome couples regardless of where they live.

Will I be able to travel out of the UK during treatment?

We recommend that you do not leave the UK for up to four weeks after you know the result of your pregnancy test. If you become unwell abroad and it is related to your treatment cycle, it can be very difficult to help you. There is currently no evidence to suggest that flying in pregnancy is detrimental. However the healthcare in the country of destination should be carefully considered prior to travelling.