100% of patients surveyed would recommend us to friends or family

Working with our partners at the Oxford Fertility Unit, we have high success rate for conceptions. You can view the latest statistics on their website. Here a few of our patients have shared their experiences of their care:

Patient stories

“We were referred to Mrs Reddy after several years of trying for a baby without success. With the help of Mrs Reddy’s laparoscopy we discovered that my fallopian tubes were dysfunctional from a previous infection and that I had polycystic ovaries too. After the advised removal of the damaged tubes, we followed Mrs Reddy’s IVF guidance with her team and embarked on two courses of IVF treatment. We had set our minds on attempting three given the statistics.”


“We are delighted to have recently delivered by emergency c-section our adorable baby son from our second IVF course. Mrs Reddy’s professional team and fertility unit treated us with the best care and level of service we could have asked for. We highly recommend Mrs Reddy and the specialist fertility team to other couples who are looking for the right guidance, support and care.”


“Our experience with our first attempt at IVF was undoubtedly scary but was really helped along by the ‘can do’ approach from Mrs Reddy and her supportive nurses, in particular Mina and Angie. Everything was so new to us so it was great how they guided us through. After having only one attempt and one fertilised egg we now have a beautiful daughter, the greatest love of our lives. Be ready, be sure but most of all stay positive during your journey.”


Patient survey

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